Kid: I have the corona virus

Nurse: here is an ice pack

You know how on Snapchat hmu means hit me up? A school posted smu. Nikolas Cruz responded.

What do inner city schools and database have in common?

Their problems are usually caused by a race condition.

when the emo kid is about to hang himself in the school bathroom and the autistic kid starts swinging the rope like indiana jones

Hippity hoppity the school shooter spotted me

Q. What’s a good thing about a child molesters A. They drive slow through school zones

Hi how are you busy busy today and tomorrow I have to go home from home and walk home walk and a bike walk walk and a bike to school tomorrow night I have to have lunch with my mom and dad and I have dinner with you tonight

What do you call a school that can talk? A school 🏫 with a face

So there was school shooting in Florida why didn’t the shooter just go to Disney…sorry i just work there and I’m trying to get people to come on down.

a kid walks into the class room on time

Friend: Why did you touch me? Me: That guy in the corner with no hair , glasses, really nice, white button up shirt, that drives a white van slow by school zones told me to and he would give me hard candy.

Why are fish so smart? Because they live in schools.

Why did the pedo cross the road? To get to the pre-school on the other side.

What do you get when you cross a pediphile and an elementary school? Predator 3

Kids, next time you have school dinners, make sure you have something you actually like so you don’t have to shove all your food over to one side of the plate to make it look like you’ve eaten more than you actually have.

Knock knock (who’s there) lettuce (lettuce who) lettuce out of school early

Never drink tea in school… L give people tea if they’ve passed out…tea can be nice but only havd it once a day… Its not what you think… Its not tea its CPR

What did a car say hi to? It said hi to the school

What is big and fun and yellow? A school bus 🚌

What time is it when you can walk walk home from school today and walk walk