Jokes About Pedophiles

Herbert The Pervert

You know why pedophiles get away with molesting children?

because who are they gonna tell? not their parents.

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Q: How are Clocks like Pedophiles? A: They both stop an 12


What’s the definition of a pedophile Tyler

This is life now.

What’s the difference between a catholic priest and a pedophile? There isn’t a difference.

Wilklord 666

What do an angler fish and a pedophile have in common? They both like to hide in dark places, Look creepy, And like to lure small creatures


What did the frog say to the pedofile RUBIT


What’s one good thing about a pedophile?.. they drive slow in school zones

Terrible Person ☺
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How do people grade pedophiles? 1st grade to 8th (I know it’s orphan jokes but still)

Your Mom

What does the pedophile use for bait. TRIX

Wilklord 666

Q: What’s a pedophiles favorite type of candy? A: Loli-pops.

eat me

How do pedophiles follow the law?

They drive it slow in the school zone.

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Why do pedophiles never cum first. Because they like to cum in a little behind.


what was the guitar teacher arrested for? stringing a minor




Age is just a number Police are just people Jail is just a room

Resident Evil 7

All Mia needs to destroy the evil young girl in Resident Evil 7 Bio-hazard, was using a pedophile instead of serum


Pedophile: You dropped your candy. Girl: Thanks! Pedophile stares as she slowly bends over to pick up her candy. Pedophile: It looks a bit dirty, do you wanna come back to my house and get a new one? Girl: How far is your house? Pedophile: Its that white one right over there. Girl: You mean that van next to a dumpster? Pedophile: Yep its that one. Girl:… Sure! :P Audience:…Dumbass girl.

Mr Dickinson

A Pedo is driving down a highway really slowly and gets stopped by the police. The officer asks why he was driving so slowly the man answers I dont wake up the kids.


why do pedos like to lose races? because they like to cum on a little behind