How many times does 43 go into 8?

Get in the van and find out

Roses are red,my name is Dan,I have a gun,GET IN THE VAN!

Roses are red Violets are blue, I’d get in the van if I where you…

What’s a peedophile’s favioute shoes? White vans

Whats the difference between a school bus and my Dad’s van?

Schools buses usually don’t have screaming and crying children

What’s a pedophiles favorite shoe? White vans

what shoes do pedofiles wear? White vans. How do pedofiles fit in? They force it to go in. How do you make a 16 mm hole into a 40 mm hole? A pedofile comes in. What did Santa say when he was passing over some hookers? “Ho ho ho!”

How many times does 47 fit into 9? get in the van and find out.

How many times can 50 fit into 9?

Get in a van and find out

Kid: “Mom. What happened to jim?” Mom: He got inside a white van.”

What’s a pedophiles favourite type of shoe?

White Vans

Rose are red violets are blue get in the van or I kill you

what did the pedophile say to the kid. “roses are red ,my name is dan ,i have a gun get in the van”

Roses are red Violets are blue I have a gun GET IN THE VAN!!

Which legendary Dutch wanderer slept for twenty years, except when he got up to pee?

Rip Van Tinkle

What do you call a cow in a moving van

A: a mooving cow

What does Mickey’s wife drive?

A Minnie-Van!!

People can say whatever they want about pedophiles. At least they are pursuing their dreams.

In a white van.

Your dad never needed a van for you.

Roses are red,my name is Dan…tdm,I have a gun,GET IN THE VAN!