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A German went to France for holiday and here is the scene, French border staff: Occupation? German: No, no, no, just visiting.

Where do cows go on holiday? – Moo Zealand.

Whats a pedafiles favorite holiday Holloween free delivery

What’s my favorite Islamic Holiday… 9/11

How can you help a llama on holiday?

Alpaca your bags.

Sandy Hook is my favorite holiday

Where do pencils go on holiday?

Pencilvania! (Pennsylvania)

Where do cows go on a holiday ? Moo-Zealand!😜

Well tell her that Halloween is the best holiday because you can hide Easter eggs under the Christmas tree while eating a big Thanksgiving turkey

after the holidays. ron asks hermione: "how was the weather in Spain?" hermione: “no idea, it was so foggy i couldnt see a thing”

During the holidays in the fruit bowl, the orange walked up to the banana and said “Berry Christmas!”