When you hit a speed bump in a school zone and remember, there are no speed bumps.

Say what you want about Pedophiles but at least they drive slow through school zones

Say what you want against pedophiles, but they slow down in school zones.

When you see an “Autistic child zone” sign and say “OH! That wasn’t an dog.”

What’s one good thing about child Molesters? They drive slow in a school zone

My favorite thing to do on my free time is putting a large skewer on the front of my car and speeding through a school zone trying to make a kebab.

I give props to pedophiles

they always go slow in the school zones

I was driving through a neighborhood when I saw a sign that said “autistic child zone”. Then I thought to myself Oh shit that wasn’t a dog!

There is one good part about paedophiles… they go slow in school zones

Q. What’s a good thing about a child molesters A. They drive slow through school zones

Friend: Why did you touch me? Me: That guy in the corner with no hair , glasses, really nice, white button up shirt, that drives a white van slow by school zones told me to and he would give me hard candy.

What do retarded cops give tickets for

going over 45 in a potato zone

How do pedophiles follow the law?

They drive it slow in the school zone.