Music Jokes

russel howard

There was an exam music quiz question about gary glitter, now if there's anyone you don't want to associate with the phrase "shh turn over, you've got an hour" .. it's him..

shit my bad.. I should leave him alone, he just wants to settle down and have kids

Music provider

This is the account of music provider just let you I post for the enjoyment of myself, and to spread different l Kinds and types of music willingly I do not respond for the soul reason of ✨people✨ and do not take offense to anything that I post if you have and issues or just wanna talk contact me i'm only discord so that's all you getting (not being rude) ill put my discord in the comments



What kind of music do wind turbines like ? They are big , heavy metal fans !


It isn't rap music if it isn't about rape.

Random Face

Two windmills stand at a farm. One asks the other what is your favorite kind of music. The other windmill replies, I'm a huge metal fan

Gummy bears

Look for the gummy bear album in stores on November 13th, with lots of music, videos and extras.


What music does a balloon listen to?

Pop music


Kid: " Mom I had a scary dream can I come sleep with you and dad " Mom: " sure sweetie sleep in the middle " Kid: " Dad can you get the remote out of my back " Dad: " That isn't the remote "

*Weird background music*


in Depression

my mom: If your friend jumped off a bridge would you me: No Attack on titan music starts playing in my head

Funny Bunny

Did you hear about that musical that was sung by some obsidian?

It rocked.