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what was juice wrld before he was famous?

answer: alive

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Why cant Juice Wrld play Black Ops II ? Because he cant handle 6 perks

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why cant juice wrld play cod zombies he cant handle 6 perks

THe box
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What do you call Juice WRLD in a coffin?

A juice box…

Anus McDickNuggets

what’s the worst song to play infront of a vegetable? “james brown - get on up”

what’s the worst song to play infront of a handicapped kid? “van halen - jump”

What’s the worst song to play in front of a black man in Minneapolis? I can’t breathe - Juice Wrld

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Roses are red,Violets are blue,my heart is dead,im such a fool. -Juice Wrld


What is Juice WRLD’s favorite restaurant?

Little Seizures

plz dont hate me for this joke

why cant juice wlrd play call of duty zombies

because he cant handle all six perks


dont joke about juice wrld he died a hard life so get f***ed

Andy lea Bel
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Want to know what juice wrld would do if he was alive today. frantically scratch on the inside of his coffin.

About this opportunity

Juce world farts smell like Macdonalds