a redneck and a black man walk into a bar and order a drink

Deez nuts


Incest is wincest

Roses are red your mother has said come back again and you’ll be dead

Want to hear a joke its called life

“What happens when an Asian man runs into a brick wall?”

“A broken nose…”

Four guys wake up in a hospital, one of them is crippled, and the others are just badly hurt. After their injuries healed up, they went to a bar, and the guy who was crippled was in a wheelchair. One of them said, “After this beer we should go on a nice, relaxing, walk.”

Ur dad is mad

Your life.

why did aarons dad beat him… becasue he tensed his ass

whats worse than aaron with downsyndrome aaron with a rope

The worlds funniest joke your life

i go to the shop and buy 2 pints of kimo

My life lmao.

guess what chicken butt knock knock whos there anal

you all suck

What did the boy say to the show ? Can you please tie me.

why does adam go hockey you might ask? in my opinion he shouldnt go cus he is bad but he needs the armour to protect him self from his own STEP-DAD

How u know if a comedian is high. Comedian: Why did the wings cross the road? To get to chicken.

Want to hear a racist joke???

Donald Trump.