an indian kid walked into the shop and had a curry down becuase they had no nann bread in stock

When an emo kid jumps out of a tree what happens when he hits the ground?

Nothin much he just flops over an hour later when they untie the rope

a kid is trick - or - treating. he knocks on a door. then someone opens the door and the kid said, “HI I’M THE WICKED WIENER!”!!!🌭😺😸😹😆😅😂🤣😄

Remember kids Ejaculate then Evacuate

Kid says “are u a soldier”? Soldier says “mhm” kid says “i wanna be a soldier some day” soldier says “really”? The kid says “ye but, father says i don’t have the balls to be a soldier” “but he’s right ima FUCKING PRETTY PRETTY PRINCESS!!!

What did a fat cow give you. Homework

kid: Dad wear do u work dad: I.C.U.P kid:HAHAHAH!!! SEE YOU PEE

Why was Stephen Hawking a bad influence towards kids? Because he couldn’t stand for anything

i would slap you , but that would be animal abuse

These are bee puns.🐝

I BEElive you are eager to hear!🐝 I love to BEE a little 9 years old writing on this page.🐝
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How to tell your kid is adopted? Hi daisy lets play a game called your adopted i will start your mum died so i had to adopt you but dont think i live you beacuse ypur where the only kid their haha

What’s the best thing about Covid19, it gets into any kid.

my teacher said say welcome to our new student he’s an orphan the teacher said is anyone missing I said that kids parents

whats the difference between boogers and brocley. kids wont eat the brocley.

whats tha difference between boogers and brocley . kids wont eat the brocley.

Why did the orphan kid was bad a school cause he wanted a phone call home

Why is it when women decided to kill an unborn baby its a “CHOICE” but when i decide to drive my F-150 into a playground full of kids its called “MURDER”!

Papyrus: i hate you frisk Frisk: This is why mettaton doesn’t fucking love you Sans: Kid i will kill you Papyrus: (Remembers something) Thats why you don’t have a lover you lonely giraffe

Why can’t to aisans have a white kid because two wongs don’t make a white