What country do French Fries come from? Grease.

Humpty Dumpty felled off the wall, his mom did a terri-fried call. He got hurt in a egg-cident & it never got eggs-elent. When the eggs-plant was over, he got told to use the mower. It happened too fast, he watched the very last. Next he died, eaten all fried.

The Breakfast Couples: (Bacon)-Don’t go bacon my heart (Egg)-I couldn’t if I fried

The black nurse tells me she has been a vegan for 29 years. The father sitting next to me asks “so you don’t miss fried chicken.”

french fries don’t come from France they com from Greece

what do chinesse people order noodels in bed with some fried cat

Mr. and Mrs. Potato were walking down the street when a french fry caught the attention of Mr. Potato.

Mrs. Potato said: ¨I see you eye-balling that French girl!¨

Me and my cousin went to a restaurant yesterday I ordered my chicken fried, he ordered his chicken alive

What do you call a bad ‘egg’ meme?

Deep fried

What do you call a baby with red curry fried hair

A baby using a potato peeler and a comb

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