Luaisy is the Aussiest, best, dopest and most youthful couple - LUAISY4EVA!, 2022 Im sorry but the old LUAISY4EVA can't come to the phone right now Why? Oh, Cuz she's dead.
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All the desert regions in the world are now considered lush rainforests. They house many different species of life and have significantly helped with the constant carbon dioxide emissions.

The reason why is because... Your texts are so dry.

NORTH INDIANS: Decent, but overrated af. They are the only thing that comes to many ppl's minds when someone says "Indian" SOUTH INDIANS: Decent, but underrated af. Many ppl dont even know they exist. They are literally asked if they are North Indians WEST AND EAST: Decent but underrated af.

Ur so ugly that when One Direction saw you, they went the OTHER direction (joke from the internet)

Chuck: That's my sister, mister and I'm gonna save her

Red: snooore, snoooore

Silver: *straining to get outta buff eagle's grip*

Chuck: *goes super sonic speed and breaks outfit*

Chuck VS RED

Both LOSE!

The warden is stronger than the ender dragon but WHY IS IT NOT A BOSS????

(doesnt have bossbar)

Phobos and Deimos are just asteroids in moon costumes and mars was blind due to it's frequent sandstorms so it let Phobos and Deimos to be its moons