KFC Jokes

Kfc proudly presents the kid fryer meal where our fillets are made out of kids.😎 1 like = more kids in our fryer

Q:What do women and kfc have in common A:once you eat the breasts and thighs all you have left is a greasey box to put ur bone in

A wife and husband had been on a strict diet and the wife said yaknow weve been good about our diet lets have a cheat night tonight. The wife came home with kfc and wendys. the husband came home with sylvia from the office.

What do KFC and pussy have in common? Both are finger lickin' good and after you are done eating you have a box to put the bone in.

KFC doesn't mean Kentucky Fried Chicken, it means "Kill Fat Children."

Me: Tells a racist joke on the internet and no one bats an eye.

Also me: Tells the same joke at KFC and everybody loses their mind.

guy1:hey can you stop making 9 11 jokes my dad died during it guy2:sorry i will stop what was your dad guy1:the pilot he saw a kfc and wanted it so well you know