what is it called when 21savage and 6ix9ine fight: alien vs predator

What’s the funniest thing about being ringside at a UFC fight?

When you look around and all of the spectators are wearing white gowns and fuzzy socks, and you realize you aren’t at a UFC event, you’re watching your fellow patients fight to the death at a psychiatric facility.

how do you get two deaf people from fighting? turn off the lights and walk out.

If two vegetarians get into a fight, is it still called a beef?

What do you call it when a Mexican and a Pedophile fight each other?

Alien vs Predator

How did Stephen hawking die. He lost a water gun fight

Chuck Norris: " Chuck Norris doesn’t fight, he just allows you to lose" Me: “How come did you lose return of the dragon?”

Max heart and his gay cousin nickals amoto say i back out a fight when he said let’s fight then last minute he said he don’t want to then says i chickened out i ready to fight but his gut swolled his arms he actually looks like humpty dumpty but just wanted to say he backed out + max and nickals are both gay with each other

Two kids are out in the cold, with downpours of snow erupting from the clouds. One of the kids says something. Can we build a snowman that is going through puberty? The other kid says something else. Yes. It sounds cool. After a while, the snowman was finished, and some words jut out of the first kid’s mouth: Wow! Look at that snowman! It’s got hair all over. But I think it’s missing something though. The other kid jumps a little and begins speaking. Oh, I know what it is! After a while, a body part made of a carrot and two cucumbers appears on the snowman’s crotch. It is a penis and a ballsack. The first kid speaks. Icy what you did there. The other kid replies. Good thing I didn’t slip up there. The first kid replies. Well, that’s snow problem. The other kid then uttered this: These puns would make the most frigid individual crack-up. The first kid then says: I know, right? They then begin a snowball fight. The other kid then says: Only the men have snowballs!

what did pepper say to spray hey spray im pepper and i think we should fight crime!!!

Why didn’t steven Hawkins get into fights

Cause he couldn’t stand up for himself

Why does God hate me? Because im a gay minority who fights for womens rights

What do you call an octopus that fights sharks?

An octobrave.

what do people say when they’re fighting, WATTTTEEERRR