I was watching my daughter play at the park, a woman came up to me and asked which one was mine, I said I was still choosing.


Anonymous i am

Ya know I’m not to I to black girls, but Kobe’s daughter was smoking!!!



I was watching my daughter at a park she was playing with a few people another parent came up to me and said which was is yours, just for fun i said “i am still choosing” she looked horrified


Kan G'ir

Father : I don’t trust you, You poured your seed in my daughter’s belly,. Son : But Paah you can’t fire me. Father: You’re lucky you’re my brother too or I’d kill you.



Please read all of it I know it’s long please read all of it.

This dad heard his daughter praying as she was praying she came to an end: " Goodnight grandma, goodbye grandpa, goodnight daddy, goodnight mommy. The dad didn’t think about the grandpa part and headed to bed. The next morning the mom and dad heard that the grandpa died the dad thought it was just coincidence so he carried on his day. At night he heard his daughter again: “Goodbye grandma, goodnight daddy, goodnight mommy. After he heard goodbye grandma his facial expression changed and went straight to bed. The next morning the grandma died out of nowhere the dad began to worry and continued on his day, at night he heard his daughter again " Goodbye daddy, goodnight mommy. The dad got scared so he had a plan to go to work and stay hidden there so that’s what he did. When he got home the next day his wife asked where he had been and he replied back " Sorry honey I had a horrible day today.” She replied back saying: " OH YOU THINK YOU HAD A BAD THE MAILMAN JUST DIED ON THE FRONTPORCH THIS MORNING" If you get it you get it.


That One Kid

My Aunt visited and saw all of the stuff around the house my mom had kept over the years and said “If you have something that no one likes, and it only makes people upset, or its useless, throw it away.” the next time my Aunt visited she said “Where is you daughter?” my Mom said “I took your advice”



So there’s a little girl playing hopscotch at the front of her house while her mother hangs up the washing and her father mows the lawn. She says “Step on a crack and you break your mother’s back,”. The father laughs, until his daughter steps on a crack resulting in her mother’s back breaking. The little girl’s father looks in terror, she then says “step on a line and you break your father’s spine,”. The father closes his eyes waiting for his spine to break, but nothing happens. When he opens his eyes again he sees that he is ok, and nothing has happened to him. Suddenly he hears someone yell out “OW MY SPINE,”. The father runs around the corner to see the mailman laying on the floor.



What does the dead man say to the other he says:your daughter is pretty. The other man says:how do you know? The other man says:because she is dead.



jack and jill went down to hell to fetch ur mothers bladder her bladder broke u two are soaked and now u have a daughter cuz in that bladder was me



Dad: What time do u wanna go to the dentist? Daughter: tooth hurty Dad: all right


I´m still choosing...

When I was watching my daughter at the park earlier, another parent asked a man, “Which one is yours?” and he replied, “I´m still choosing.” She looked horrified.


Samson Fernendez

jack and rose went on a cruise to do it in the water. jack seldom wore a condom, and now they have a daughter.



How come yo mama did not come straight home from work last night? Because her daughter had sex with her boyfriend and got drunk.


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I love ❤️ taking my daughter out in the car 🚙 every time we go over a speed bump I tell her we ran over another dog 🐕😂



What did the the drummer call his twin daughters? Anna one, Anna two!


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How does an Alabama mother know when her daughter is on her period? She can taste the blood off her son’s cock!



Daughter: Dad, what’s your opinion on abortions?

Dad: Ask your sister

Daughter: But I don’t have a sister

Dad: Exactly



What did the drummer call his 2 twin daughters?

Anna 1 Anna 2



My Daughter is Super Smart! She pours her own drinks on the floor



Daughter: So, I got my period. Mom: That’s wonderful, dear! Now you can bleed for a whole week a month without dying! Daughter: That’s nice, Mum, but isn’t the whole point of getting your period dying? Mom: Yes, but you have to kill yourself a little longer to live through to the another day. Daughter: Thanks, Mum. That makes a whole lot of sense. (Sarcastically) Mom: You’re welcome, honey. (Clueless. Obviously.)