Dark humor jokes are like kids with cancer.

They never get old

What is a type of cancer that:

Affects you Is caused by a device Annoying People won’t stop talking about it?

Easy, the answer is Fortnite.

what’s the difference between me and cancer? my dad didn’t beat cancer

The difference between Your Dad and Cancer? Cancer came back…

Why can’t cancer kids have anal sex?

Because they have cancer.

You know whats the worst about having a daughter with cancer? You can’t pull her hair when you hit it from the back

stop joking with cancer.

  • from a survivor :)

What is long and not hairy??

The congo line in the cancer department

What’s the difference between me and cancer… My dad didn’t beat cancer…

Im jealous of cancer my dad beat me but never beat cancer.

why is mercury like everything else in the world? because it gives you cancer

So anyway, this old guy goes to the doctors. The doctor says “It’s bad news, you’ve got cancer and Alzheimers”. The old guy replies “At least I’ve not got cancer”.

How do you get chewing gum out of a child’s hair? Cancer.

What did the orphan get for Christmas nothing because his parents ran away double whammy orphan jokes r like a kid with cancer it never gets old 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌👌👌

What do kids with cancer and cancer jokes have in common

They never get old

What’s ten feet long and bald

The conga line in the cancer ward

What the difference between me and cancer?

My father didn’t beat cancer.

My dad always used to beat me but he never beat cancer

Me:imagine not having hair

Kids: on chemo

Bitch the fuck

whats bald and cant grow no hair

A kid with cancer