Bullying Jokes

When I was young I got bullied by two kids, and whenever I got hit to the ground, I would get back up and cry. Then I had the courage to fight back. Except they didn't get back up.

One day I came home from school and said to my dad 'I got expelled from school today' he said ' how' I said I threw my book at the teacher' he asked why' I told him we were doing an anti-bullying program and my teacher said words can't hurt me so I threw my dictionary at her. '

Bully: I would roast you but my mom told me not to burn trash Me: 🤔So that's why you haven't burnt yourself yet🤔

Bully...you such an asshole. Me... Acting like a dick won't make yours any bigger


Someone kills a emotionally weak person by hard words and bullying. No one will suspect the killer was, anyone who took part.

A bully walks up to a kid named Billy to insult him and steal his lunch money. Later that night when he is at home, the bully’s father comes into his room to insult him and take the lunch money he stole. The father walks down stair to check on his father in the living room. When he walks in, his father insults him and takes the lunch money. The grandfather of the bully walks into the back yard and in the dark is Billy. The grandfather walks up to him and says “Where’s my money you worthless old fart.”

I came home from school One day and told my cat a kid at school said I was an idiot and told me to go kick rocks so I did except I kicked him out him and I called him the idiot for not moving out of the way

I wrote a passage to stop about bullying and it was easy do you know why

Because I am a bully!!!

bully: im going to hurt you so bad You: well..your IQ is same amount of teeth im about to knock out so...your so dumb that you cant don't even know how to do that

and your IQ is 5

A kid named billy get his lunch money stolen at school. The bully later gets his allowance, the lunch money and his wallet taken by his father. The father then gets all the money taken from his by the bully’s grandfather along with is own wallet. The grandfather then takes the money and gets it stolen by billy along with his own wallet.