Broken Jokes

What's the difference between a pregnant woman and a light bulb

You can't unscrew a pregnant woman

What's a similarity between a broken lightbulb, and a pregnant woman

They're both accidents


Broke my toenail yesterday, I'm now presenting you puns/jokes:

1. "Yeah I broke my toenail, wanna see phoTOES?" 2. "I'm tired of bandaging my toe! Oh. My. GAUZE."

A man went to the doctors and the doctor said “what happened to you?” The man replied and said “I broke my arm in two places!” Then the doctor replied with “DON’T GO BACK TO THOSE TWO PLACES!!”

A pregnant wife and her husband were in a hospital as she was in labour, the doctor suggested using a machine that transfers the birth pains from the mother to the father, they agree so the machine is used, 40%, the husband feels nothing, 70% still not felling anything, 100%, nothing. The doctor says it must be broken. When the pair return home, the milkman is dead in the front yard.

What did the rapper say to his broken pencil?

"You're just not SHARP enough for my lyrics”

Did you ever hear the story about the broken pencil?

That's okay. There is really no point to it.