Blue Jokes

Teacher’s pen is RED, our pen is BLUE, she is marking an EGG on my marksheet left with questions and no CLUE.


I could be red I could be orange I could be yellow I could be green, I could be blue I could be purple but I would be dead


never search up monkey with blue balls

Jfk jr

White Russians do you mean ree,white, blue and dead white Russians?

in Red

Roses are red Violets are blue My dad is gone to


What’s white as snow within 15-25 mins after death and then black and blue and red all over? a corpse of course!

in Ball

Roses are red your penis is blue the bed sheet has turned a different color too.

in Offensive

I am only here because me no like blues clues lgbtq episode as I don’t believe in that. If you do ok. And it shouldn’t be a month, the month should be for all of the war veterans, it should be a day for pride. Companies only use this month for money it’s exploitation because they don’t truly support unlike me in which I don’t support it


Roses are red violets are blue your brother is gay and so are you.


Rose are red violets are blue get in the van or I kill you


Goes to school with blue suppresed pistol #1victory royals

Death to u a part

What is blue and wiggling on my floor? A baby in a bag

in Burning

you look like barney i´m choking you too and your face is turning all purple and blue


A B C D E F G. Gummy bears are chasing me one is red one one is is chewing up my i’m running for my life because the red ones got a knife


Roses are red and violets are blue, my best friend is Sue, and she’s is blue too.

(meaning sad)


(My dad told me a new version of a happy birthday song)

Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you look likes a monkey, and you smell like one too!

(No affence to anyone reading this on there birthday)