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isn't it strange that the LGTBQ flag only has straight lines?

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What is the best thing about living in Switzerland? -- Well, the flag is a big plus.


you mom and your dad

My dad said people shouldn’t get ribbons just for participating because it rewards them for losing.

So I took down his confederate flag.


your mom

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All the lines on the LGBT flag are straight

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What's the best about Switzerland?

I don't know, but the flag is a big plus.

Misstiano Penaldo
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Flag of Congo - Kinshasa @osowxvyy I was in Portugal enjoying my lunch when I saw a man choking! i wanted to save him but a local stopped me. “that’s Penandes, he always chokes when it matters most and ghosts in big games.” True enough, Penandes’ Ghost emerged from his body! Poor Penandes, may he get well soon!

Jerry: Whats the best thing about Switzerland Charles: I dunno Jerry: Well the flag is a big plus


Mayotte’s are sinking in the yogurt! (My Oat’s) 🇾🇹🇾🇹🇾🇹🇾🇹🇾🇹🇾🇹

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me:*gives her 5 dollars* climb that flag pole cute female:*takes the money and goes up the flag pole* is this good me:hell yeah thats a nice veiw *next day* heres 10 dollars if u do it again *she goes up there* me:hows the veiw *she goes home and her mom sees the money* her mom:where u getting this money her daughter:i climbed a flagpole her mom:you know he just want u to to see ur panties right *she goes back and does it again but doesnt wear panties* me:holy shit ;-; her mom:did u do it again her daughter:dont worry mom he didnt get to see my panties her mom:...

No one of your concern
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What is the best thing about Switzerland?

I don't know, but their flag is a big plus...


whats the best thing about Switzerland? i dont know but the flag is a big plus.


everyone take off your pride flags its already a new month

Why did the hedgehog cross the road? To show he had guts. Why did the other hedgehog cross the road? To see his flag mate.

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what did the flag say to the pole

nothing he just waved

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Your Forehead is built like the indian flag


knock knock who's there Europe Europe who no your a poo