Riddles not jokes

What has 4 legs but cannot walk?

What has bark but no bite?

There’s a one-story house in which everything is orange. Orange walls, orange doors, orange furniture. What color are the stairs?

What has holes but can carry water?

What is in front of you, but cannot be seen?

What is something you have inside you that is pink, but cannot be seen?

What can you catch but not throw?

and last one

What can rule, but not command?

Tell meh the answers in the comments

like 90% of this was from this link: https://parade.com/947956/parade/riddles/

1 more thing: DoN"t google it or search it up, use ur brain to answer these.

It was 2017, and lots of people were hating RiceGum because he released Frick Da Police, a diss track insulting Idubbbz’s Content Cop video on RiceGum

A few hours after the diss track was released, someone went to Rice’s house and spray painted Asian Jake Paul on the wall of the front of his house.

Rice went to “meet” Idubbbz, then he saw the graffiti.


Hours later, police found 4 suspects


Sus 1: I don’t vandalize

Sus 2: I was staying indoors because it was rainy

Sus 3: I fucking RiceGum, but I would not ruin his cheap ass house lol

Sus 4: I eat bricks

Police: I know who RiceGum: Who? Police: ITS-


Notice anything in the number crowd?

Comment the answer below and I will see who is correct

How many babies does it take to paint a wall. Well it depends on how hard you throw them

I saw a dwarf scaling down a prison wall. I thought to myself,… That’s a little condescending 😊

How many babies does it take to paint a wall… depends on how hard you throw them

What is burned dark and glued to the wall? A bad electrician

Yo forehead is bigger than the wall of China

A Mexican runs into a wall, what hits first? His lawnmower

On 1.April there was a baby born in the hospital when the doctor out of sudden directly takes the baby from the mother and smashes as hard he can to the wall. The mother crying and yelling "What did you do ? You killed my Baby !! Why did you kill my Baby ?". The doctor just laughes and says “April april it was already dead”.


Yo mam so fat the trump used her like a wall.

how many babies does it take to paint a wall: it depends on how hard you throw them

yo mama is so dumb she sits on trump’s wall 24 hours every day

I prank called someone and I said is there a miss is wall there they said no they is there a Mr wall there they said no is there any Walls there they said no then what’s holding up your billding

What has more brains than a student in a school shooting, the wall behind them

How many babys does it take to paint a wall

Idk it depends on how hard you throw them

Why does trump build a wall? There’s a such thing as a ladder.

Boi your the reason the great wall of China is a thing. You so ugly the Chinese needed to block you out

1.Your face is so ugly i thought it was deformed it probably was anyways 2.even if donald trump had time to build a wall it was probably so you won’t squish us with you fatass. if someone says your face is deformed just say thats what happens when i look at you. welcome

What is Donald Trump’s favorite game?

Fortnite. Because he can build walls for free.

How many babies does it take to paint a wall?

Depends how hard you throw them.