What’s ten feet long and bald

The conga line in the cancer ward

Why did the bald man paint rabbits on his head?

Because from a distance, they looked like hare.

What is a bald eagle’s favorite dog breed?

A beagle!

Why don’t Bald Eagles like fast food? It always runs away!!!11

What animal should wear a wig?

A bald eagle!

Bald Eagle

What bird doesn’t need a comb

bald eagles

I asked my dad , Why did you paint rabbits on your bald head? He replied, Because I thought it would look like hares

What did the bald man exclaim when he received a comb for a present?

What animal should wear a wig?

A bald eagle 🦅

Why would be hunting a bald eagle in America be a bad idea? Because it’s ill-eagle

why is the bald eagle bald?

because it has no hair

it has feathers. LOL

Player in baldis basics says why are you bald? Well I have cancer. Oh good for you

Why are eagles 🦅 bald?

Because they don’t wear wigs.

Question: What’s bald and is in a straight line?

Answer: The cancer ward 😵😂😂

U geiy haha lol

What time eeeeeee

why are bald eagles bald? because you’re bald!!

Your nans bald

what do you call bald science teacher