Topic Jokes

Teacher : Who here has thought about committing suicide? Half of the class : *raises hand* Teacher : ... The half of the class: *Starts talking about how they were thinking of doing it*

Q:Do you know why people dont like abortion jokes? A: Because they leave people with a feeling of emptyness inside.


Me, trying to interact with people: “Hey, are you a rope? Because I really wanna HANG with you”

Person I’m talking to: *Pulling out phone to call suicide hotline* “haha what”

What’s the difference between life and a rape joke? Life fucks you until you stop breathing, a rape joke fucks you until it’s not funny anymore.

i just wanted to say to never let go of family they are everything never let anyone walk all over you and if you are with me like this quote

I was happy for once, and my family was happy I was happy but that all changed when they found out I was thinking about bridges and humans

I got in a car crash with a dwarf one day. He came storming out, and glared at me. I lowered my window and called out "So, I'm guessing you're not happy?".

Broccoli says" I look like a tree" Walnut says "I look like a brain", Cashew says "I look like a kidney", Banana says "can we change the topic please? "

My only friend who actually cares: Stop making suicide jokes, I’m really concerned!

Me: Okay I’ll cut it out.