All you need is a Razor Blade in life.

i got a lot running through my head right now i wish at least one was a 12 gauge round

People sometimes ask me why I cut myself. I usually answer, that at least i can scan my worth at the supermarket.

how were tire swings made a tire said goodbye world and hung himself

Go Kermit toaster bath

what do you get when you mix up a group of emos??

Suicide squad

How did a blonde commit suicide

She jumped from the basement window

Everyone laughs when a bully teases someone, but no one laughs when that person commits suicide

A man goes to the library to find the best book about committing suicide. So when he asks the librarian, “What’s the best book on committing suicide?” The librarian said, “Oh fuck off…you won’t bring it back anyway.”

My dad told me i’m a failure… I failed a math’s test. Good thing theres a pole outside my house.

Friend: Why don’t you cut your hair? Me: Dunno, but i’ll probably cut my wrists first

why did the chicken want to cross the road because he was suicidal and wanted to get hit by a car…

if i hung myself from a cliff would people call me a cliffhanger?

so a man was on a ledge ready to kill himself because he got laid off at work and his girlfriend cheated on him he was about to jump until he saw from a mountain side a little guy with no arms dancing around so he thought maybe my life aint so bad so he went to the mountain side thank you he said i was gonna jump off a bridge and kill myself until i saw you dancing even though youu have no arms dancing? the armless man said bitterly my asshole itches and i cant scratch it

All my life I wanted to be somebody. I wanted to achieve something. Now, after messing up my life at every possible chance, I finally realize that what I really want is to have been someone after following through with one thing.

If I place a slide on the edge of a cliff or a really high building, would going down it be considered suislide?

Asking for a friend.

When I grow up I wanna be like lil peep…


Thankfully I’m still alive because I fail at everything in life.

A man went into a library and asked for a book on how to commit suicide. The librarian said: “Fuck off, you won’t bring it back.”