Orphan Jokes

As siblings, we always joke about being adopted. It stops being funny when you're playing in your parents' room and find both of your adoption papers.

Why is it that when women decide to kill an unborn baby, it's a "CHOICE," but when I decide to drive my F-150 into a playground full of kids, it's called "MURDER"!

Kid: "I wish I could be like Batman!"

Genie: "Wish granted!"

When the kid gets home, both of his parents are dead.

So there's an orphan in a hospital, and the doctor walks up and says, "Sorry, kid, but this is a family hospital."


Orphan boy: "Your dad is probably disappointed in you. I mean, look at you." Me: "Well, at least my parents kept me. Where are yours?"


A girl and a dog were dropped off at an orphanage. Why was she crying before she went in? Because the people came back for their dog.


A kid annoyed me the other day. I told him to shut up and go back to his parents. That's the last time I'm going to an orphanage.

Orphan: "I want to kill my parents."

People: "I don't think you have the facilities for that, big man."