Why did the orphan become a prostitute

They wanted someone to call daddy

What did one orphan say to the other? Robin, get in the Batmobile.

Why can’t orphans work at S.C Johnson?

B/c it is a FAMILY company 😂😂

If you are ever bored punch an orphan what are they gunna do tell their parents?

why cant orphans play baseball they don’t know where home is

Why do orphans go to church? So they have someone to call father

Why do most orphans become prostitutes?

“because they always wanted a daddy”

why is an iphone x perfect for an orphan? because it doesnt have a home button

If you are going to make fun of someone make fun of orphans. What are they going to do, tell their parents?

Double whammy. Dark humor is like a kid with cancer it never gets old.

Why can’t orphans go on school field trips?

Parent Signature: _______

What feature does an orphan’s phone not have? A home button.

Why are orphans so bad at baseball?

They can never make it home

Why can’t orphans play baseball?

because they’ll never make it home

How is an orphan like a boomerang? They always come back!

Q:What the orphan’s favorite part of a website.

A:The Homepage.

What did the orphan get for Christmas? Lego figures from his friend but they ran way too.

Mom, can I please go out and play?

… no answer

An orphan walks into a supermarket, gets lost calls for his mum then remembers

I made a website for orphans’ It has no home page’

Is it bad to hit an orphan?it’s not like they’ll tell there parents.