Girl: Come Over. Orphan: I can’t. Girl: My parents aren’t home ;) Orphan: Just two things I don’t have.

Why can’t orphans play baseball?

because they’ll never make it home

Mom, can I please go out and play?

… no answer

What do you call a grown up orphan? Homeless

Why do I only date orphans? Because they never have daddy issues

Why do orphans go to church so much?

So they can have someone to call father

How is an orphan like a boomerang? They always come back!

Why did the orphan cross the road? To find his family Sorry

Why do most orphans become prostitutes?

“because they always wanted a daddy”

Why Did The Orphans Like Church So Much? So They Had Someone To Call Father…

Why do orphanes go to church… it’s the only place they can call someone father

Your Parents

Why can’t orphans selebrate Christmas :because they have no family

tell a dark joke to an orphan then hit them

they’ll get the punchline right away

Why are orphans bad at baseball?

They can’t find home

Why do orphans never play baseball? Cause they can never get a home run.

I wish I could kill my family but you realise your an orphan

Punch an orphan in the face what they gonna do? Tell there parents

why is an iphone x perfect for an orphan? because it doesnt have a home button