Q.How does E.T have an advantage over orphans A. E.T can actually phone home

April fools joke go to an orphanage and tell them their parents came back

What song do orphans hate the most?“we are family”.

What do you call an orphans family tree A stump

Teacher: You cant be here after school without a parent!

Orphan: -no response-

Why can’t orphans play baseball? They don’t know where home is

Why did the orphan become a prostitute

They wanted someone to call daddy

Kid: “I wish I could be like Batman!”

Genie: “Wish granted!”

When the kid gets home, both of his parents are dead.

One day I was saw a kid sitting on the curb dressed in rags I asked if he was an orphan he said “Yeah what gave me away” I said his parents

What do you it when a orphan takes a family photo? a selfie

A girl and dog get dropped off at an orphanage why was she crying before she went in Because the people came back for their dog

why cant orphans watch PG movies?

BC they are parental guidance.

Never tell an Orphan about a family matter, they wouldn’t understand

What’s the difference between an orphan and a watermelon? One of them is fun to hit with a sledge hammer and the other one is just a watermelon

How do you make an orphans hands bleed?

Tell him to clap until his parents come home.

I’m a family doctor and I wish I could help but… you’re an orphan

Orphan- I want to kill my parents

People- I dont think you have the facilities for that big man

What do you call an asian kid who’s bad at math?

An orphan

What do you call a orphans family reunion?

Me time

An orphan walks into a supermarket, gets lost calls for his mum then remembers