If u want to pick on someone, pick on orphans. Let them tell their parents. Double! Where did Sally go during the bombing? Everywhere! Triple! Why did Bob cross the road? Because he wasnt wearing his seatbelt.

Hi hunter. Emilly wrote this

Why do orphans love having sex?

Becuase They can finally call somebody daddy.

Why can’t orphans work at S.C Johnson?

B/c it is a FAMILY company 😂😂

What did one orphan say to the other? Robin, get in the Batmobile.

Why do orphanes go to church… it’s the only place they can call someone father

one day I was walking around, then saw this mom mad at her kid and screamed " YoUr AdOpTeD!" he said “yeah I know my REAL mommy is still at home with daddy.”

What feature does an orphan’s phone not have? A home button.

Why can’t orphans play at a McDonald’s play place? They don’t have parent supervision.

Why can orphans not grow big and strong because they need a parent to buy them steroids

If you ever get Mad, just hit an orphan

What are they gonna do, tell their parents?

Girl: Come Over. Orphan: I can’t. Girl: My parents aren’t home ;) Orphan: Just two things I don’t have.

Is it bad to hit an orphan?it’s not like they’ll tell there parents.

Why can’t orphans play baseball?

They can’t ever find home.

An orphan made an Instagram, he did not know what that symbol was on the bottom left hand corner

Teachers: Do you give your mother that attitude? Orphan: …

Smack an orphan what’s he gonna do… tell his parents

Why did the orphan cross the road? To find his family Sorry

Why did the Orphan become a prostitute,

Because they needed someone to call daddy

if you ever get bored tell an orphan to take two days off their calendar if they ask why say because your missing fathers day and mother’s day

Why is it so easy to bully an orphan. What are they gonna do tell there mum