Why can’t orphans play baseball,

They don’t know where home is.

Kid: why do orphans like tennis

Dad: because it’s the only time they get love

How do make an orphans hands bleed: tell them to clap til’ their parents get home

Well I’m off too the orphanage to tell yo mama jokes

Your Parents

Everyone loves orphans,

other than their parents of course.

Q.How does E.T have an advantage over orphans A. E.T can actually phone home

Roses are red Your blood is tooyou look like a monkey and belong in a zoo Do not worry i will be there too not in a cage but laghing at you

I tried making an orphan baseball team. It sucked because they couldn’t find home plate

What do orphans need in order to mail letters? Food stamps

When I’m bored I like to slap orphans I mean what are they gonna do tell their parents

Orphan finds genie

Orphan:my first wish is to be Rich

Genie: of course

Orphan:my second wish is to be famous


Orphan: I wish my parents can come back Genie: I told you I can’t bring people back from the dead

Why do orphans always get picked on?

They can’t run and tell their parents.

Why do orphans never play baseball? Cause they can never get a home run.

Why did the orphan run into the street, to get to the other side of life

Why can’t Orphans play Baseball?

They don’t know where home is…

Can orphans eat at family restaurants?

Go punch an orphan what are they gonna do tell their parents.

F... YOU

Why don’t orphans play baseball? Because they don’t know where home is.