Why do orphanes go to church… it’s the only place they can call someone father

What can you never tell an orphan? Go home to your parents.

one day I was walking around, then saw this mom mad at her kid and screamed " YoUr AdOpTeD!" he said “yeah I know my REAL mommy is still at home with daddy.”

What did the orphan get for Christmas? Lego figures from his friend but they ran way too.

What is an orphan’s favorite show? Batman.

when its April fools day go to a orphan and say there parents should come back

Why can’t orphans play baseball? Because they don’t know where home is.

why did the orphan not have a girlfriend?

because he thought that she would leave him to.

What did one orphan say to the other? Robin, get in the Batmobile.

orphan jokes are like families, not everyone gets em. ( also I banged ya mum ;) )

What did the orphan say to the parent, oh wait.

Why do most orphans become prostitutes?

“because they always wanted a daddy”

I went to an orphanage and had a yo mama smack down. That’s it.

Can Orphans go to a Family Restaurant?

Hi hunter. Emilly wrote this

Why do orphans love having sex?

Becuase They can finally call somebody daddy.

Roses are red Your blood is tooyou look like a monkey and belong in a zoo Do not worry i will be there too not in a cage but laghing at you

Everyone loves orphans,

other than their parents of course.

Why can’t orphans play baseball? They don’t know where home is

Well im off to the orphanage to tell yo mama jokes

I made a website for orphans’ It has no home page’