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Mama Mia’s pizzeria and abortion clinic. Your loss is our sauce.

aunt: on internet buying weight loss pills for 15 dollars neice: i found that show on Netflix that you wanted to watch its 3 dollars to watch aunt: im not paying for that shit neice: yet u sit there and buy weight loss pills

Friend 1: I HATE YOU! Friend 2: cries b-but i-i didnt say t-that!! Friend 3: writes on paper with pencil cuz is so bored Me: points at pencil lead NOW NOW NOW THIS HAS LEAD TO SOME SERIOUS FRIENDSHIP LOSS! plz shut up. All my friends: groan at horrible pun

The Man: “Sonny why do you come to get some milk every day?” The Son: “Because , milk is important.” The Man: “Why don’t you ever come with your mom?” The Boy: “Who?” The Man: “Your mom?” The Boy: “I don’t have a mom.” The Man: “I’m sorry for your loss.” The boy stared for a moment when two men came out of the vehicle and picked up the boy .

rob got a bomb rpg 125 helth loss 1 victory royal f... run n....

I’m sorry for your loss.

It is going tibia okay.