Why Can’t Orphans Play Catch? Because they don’t have parents to catch the ball

If your boarded hump Danny and f... him whatishe goons do f... rock

why are orphans called orphans cause there gay

my dick is like the way home for an orphan,its length is never-ending

if you’re ever bored adopt and orphan, what is he going to do, be kissed by vedanta?

So there was 3 baby chickens and 2 mothers the first baby said “why am I named calf?” and the mother said “I f###ed a cow” then the second baby came up to it’s mother and it said " why am I named b##ch? " and it’s mom said "I f###ed a wolf and the final baby came to its mother and said “why am I named orphan?” And because it’s mother wasn’t there to see it this is what I have to say “because you are one you ducking hitch!!”

I told a joke to an orphan turns out he wasn’t and orphan…

cooper and max wanna get f...ed in the ass by guys

What do you call a homeless orphan