why cant orphans play baseball? because they dont know where is home

in the new grinch the whos would say he stole christmest get him then the grinch said im a orphan that changes everything the whos said what would they do if max was a orphan

An old lady walks into an adoption centre and the lady that runs the business says “Oh, haven’t seen you in a long time!”

What’s the best thing about beating up orphans

They can’t tell they’re parents

Why can orphans type… because they can’t find home row

What do u call a orphan a bootysnagger45

What’s the difference between Santa and an orphan nothing they don’t have parents

Why can’t an orphan play base ball??? He doesn’t know where home is

Why can’t orphans play baseball because they can’t find home

If your ever bord kick in orphan.What are they going to do,tell there parents.

Go punch an orphan what are they gonna do tell their parents.

what is the one feature an orphan kid’s phone doesn’t have that mine does?A home button.

Orphan- I want to be like batman Orphan worker- You are already like him hunny

What is an orphans favorite movie?

Home Alone

Whats and orphans favorite movie? Spiderman: Homecoming

Why do orphans go to church so thay can call someone farther

What did one orphan say to another- Robin get in the batmobile

what type of flour do orphans use to bake with…? SELF RAISING FLOUR!