Why did the orphan go to church? So he had someone to call Father.

yo moma so fat she eat 60 big macs wall singing badaaha

I was going to give my wife chocolates but my fat friends ate them. The wife-"You don't even have friends"

New Teacher: I was an orphan as a kid.

Students: OOOF

Teacher: Is anyone missing.

Students: Your Parents.

Why does an orphans’ calendar only have 363 days?

There are no Father’s or Mother’s Days on their calendar.

Why don’t orphans play the game of hide-and-seek?

They won’t be found because no one will look for them.

What part is usually missing in an orphan’s computer system?


can i throw you away you look like my trash can oh wait you are my trash can

kidnapper: hey kid, ur mom told me to follow me. orphan: but I don't have a mom

have you seen the xbox game sea of thieves?sea if these nuts fit on yo mouth

apple apple apple apple apple orange you glad I didn't say apple again?

why do orphans only buy iphone xs d because it has a home button

Do you want to hear a paper joke never mind itś tear-able

u were born on the highway, thats where are all the accidents happen ;)

how do you circumcise a hillbilly? you kick his sister in the jaw