Why did the orphan go to church? So he had someone to call Father.

I was going to give my wife chocolates but my fat friends ate them. The wife-"You don't even have friends"

I have an orphan joke, but it needs parental guidance.

New Teacher: I was an orphan as a kid.

Students: OOOF

Teacher: Is anyone missing.

Students: Your Parents.

Why does an orphans’ calendar only have 363 days?

There are no Father’s or Mother’s Days on their calendar.

Why don’t orphans play the game of hide-and-seek?

They won’t be found because no one will look for them.

What part is usually missing in an orphan’s computer system?


can i throw you away you look like my trash can oh wait you are my trash can

kidnapper: hey kid, ur mom told me to follow me. orphan: but I don't have a mom

I'd hit you but if I did I'd go to jail for animal abuse

have you seen the xbox game sea of thieves?sea if these nuts fit on yo mouth

apple apple apple apple apple orange you glad I didn't say apple again?

why do orphans only buy iphone xs d because it has a home button

Do you want to hear a paper joke never mind itś tear-able

u were born on the highway, thats where are all the accidents happen ;)

how do you circumcise a hillbilly? you kick his sister in the jaw