Orphan Jokes

what is an orphans favorite quote in star wars? “I am your father”

Orphan Bully

What’s an orphans favorite movie? Spider-Man No way Home

According to all known laws of aviatio

What is the difference between a orphan and pikachu? Pikachu I chose you!


What is it called when an orphan takes a selfie? A family photo.


Mom, can I please go out and play?

… no answer

my dads gone✌️🎅🏿

if an orphan takes a selfie… isn’t it basically a family portrait?


did you know the f in orphan stands for family…oh wait HAHA

we should stop making jokes about orphans before they tell there parents…oh continue


whats the difference between apples and orphans? apples get picked.


why do orphans hate school no field trips parent signature_____________


Lil Jimmy:hey doc Doctor:hi sorry but I can’t see u any more Lil Jimmy:why Doctor: because Lil Jimmy I’m a family doctor your an orphan Lil Jimmy:👁👄👁🖕


if your bored joke about an Orphan what are they going to do tell there parents


Why couldn’t the orphan buy chips

They were all family sized


Why does a girl orphan want a boyfriend? To finally call someone Daddy!


DAD:I’m bringing your toys to the orphanage


DAD:your going to need them

in Dark Humor

Why can’t orphans play baseball? They don’t know where home is


Why can’t orphans play baseball, cause they can’t find home

what do you call a virgin from alabama

an orphan

dark jokes

why did the Orphan eat cereal with water? Thar dad did not come home with the milk

Not your dad

whats an orphans most hated show

The Fosters


What’s the difference between a apple and a orphan?

The apple gets picked