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In the morning, I become a cereal killer.

I asked my friend what their serial number was…he said Cheerios

How did Reese eat her cereal? - Witherspoon!

I just stepped on a corn flake. Im officially a cearel killer.

Yo’ Mama is so fat, her cereal bowl comes with a lifeguard.


What do you call a sociopath who damages a box of Wheaties? A cereal criminal!

What’s the difference between cereal and a baby?

I personally think cereal is not nutritious

I wanted some breakfast, so I grabbed some Life cereal. I poured it, but lemons came out. So I said “Well, when life gives you lemons!”

There was a cheerio that had a job, he worked hard at it and the boss came up and promoted him to the vice president of the cheerios. So he needed a speech, he kept practicing and practicing and know he was thirsty. it was almost time for his speech. so he went to the drinking fountain but there was a huge line. So he went to the lake but he saw tons of garbage, and what he thought was a cereal killer. so he found this bowl of punch, but he relised… there was no punch-line

I like trees when they are firmly stuck in a hole, ps.your hole

cornn flaek.

i hate cereal lol what i say when I eat cereal EWWW

What does cows eat for breakfast?? Steer cereal

What do you get when a dog that is actually a Weeto is caught in an earthquake?

Just like a chocolate milkshake, only crunchy!

I was eating my cereal while watching the news, then I saw my cereal on the news saying he was a SERIAL killer