what job do you want if you dont want peoples two since

a catholic priest

Wanna here a funny joke my life We

what did the phedophile say to the kids.


jasmine is gay, now THAT is a joke

f... you biiiiiitch

shaenaya likes goat dick

beau is gay

I lost my bag. :(

Why does shit come out your asshole? Cause f... you that’s why

How do you fit three flags on a bar stool? Flip it over

whats yellow all over and can’t swim

a school busful of children

when my friend says I suck. at something I’m like u swollow

Why did half the world go to hell? Because they were laughing at morbid jokes.


What is dumb yo mama you dumb stupid idiot

come on guys PLEEEEASE lets [play roblod my name is xX_robloxGamer420Po_Xx

why is lani jesus? go die

Stan Lee walked into a school one day.

Just kidding, he’s f...in dead :(

duck my sick