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plz dislike

Three guys are escaping from North Korea through a tunnel. The guards know that they are coming and will shoot them with paintball guns as a warning. The guys show up and the guards shoot them. The guys die because the guards used real guns.

I went into a CS:Go lobby and all I heard for ten minutes straight was," Act like your hard but your dad beat you harder."

son:Hey Dad why is my name Dick? Dad: Ohh because a dick fell on you when you were born. son: Ohhhhh so thats why im gay.

In mario, it is called a zoomba, but if it was real, it would be boomba

Jack and Jill went up the hill both had Bacardi rum, when Jill’s was gone she wanted Jacks that’s why she took it from him

murder murder suicide by police

why did the skeleton did not cross the road

beaucuse it did not have the gusts

your life .

Why did the kid name Jeff become gay because he grow up with out a father figure hahaha I love dark humor

I’ll never forget my grandpas last words to me…

“Are you still holding the ladder??”

I say 123 yeah the kids bullied me but they really don’t know that my dad has a gun yeah.

Why were the twin towers angry?

They ordered pepperoni and all they got was place

Kid starts shortcoming people in school, teacher asks “why are you doing that”. He responds, “I wanted to paint the walls red for Christmas”

My dad asked “were are you going” me "back to the orfinig

Q: what do u call white people on a black bus?