Where are you not allowed to go trick or treating as a ghost? Harlem, New York.

Did you know ghosts are alcoholics They only come out for the Booz

Once I saw a mirror… and that was when I got the ability to become a ghost

what room does a ghost not want to be in?

      the living room

What do you call a ghosts fart? A spirit bomb

What do you call the ghost of the Thanksgiving turkey? A Poultrygeist

  • wanna hear a joke about ghosts?
  • no

What do ghosts put on their bagels 🥯?

Scream Cheese 😱.

What do you call a ghost bee???


What do you call a chicken that catches ghosts? A poultrygeist.

Why do ghosts love elevators, they lift their spirits!

What do you find up a ghosts nose- a BOOger

what do you call a person with cancer a ghost with a body

What do ghosts put their bagels 🥯?

Scream Cheese.

What’s a ghost’s favorite drink?


there is a ghost baseball game and one team loses cause of one player so they start boo-ing him!