What do you call diareah from a hot woman Chocolate milk What do you call diarrhoea from a fat woman Arsenic

shaenaya is single 16 and looking for a 30 year old man that can pleasure her hhu

why does adam sleep early so his mum and stepdad can f... on his bed

why did adam commit suicide andy went through the back door


What’s the first thing that a battered woman does when she gets out of the shelter? My last if she knows what’s good for her.

What’s long black and sticky.

A stick

Sim a is proof cats don’t always land on their feet

I saw a petition on replacing gravestones with trees so it will be a beautiful forest Son: wheres grandma?

The clock struck one! Then down did come! Hickory dickory doc What am I? Random- a mouse? Me- no dumb $hit! Random- what is it? Me- the gillotine!


what sayd the man to the woman??

go to the kitchen lol

A man and a cow walk into a McDonalds, and the man walks up to the front counter and says “I’d like one beef burger.” The employee of McDonalds said “Sure thing sir, also I really like to see your cow, may I bring him into the back room really quick to show my co-workers?” The man says “Sure.” The employee takes the cow into the back room. A couple minutes later the employee came back with his burger. The man took a bite of it, and released his cow was gone.

If your having a bad day just remember the Blobfish exists

I ask my sister to get me a cup of fruit punch. I realized she was taking a bit so I walk to the kitchen and noticed that she spilled it on herself. I asked her how did you do that but there was no response.

A man told his love interest she looked beautiful. And then his love interest told him she had loads of things to tell him. And after 3 minutes, she told him he looked fat, ugly, disgusting, creepy, and tiny. Then the police came and arrested her for saying that.

My son always said he wanted to skydive so we went on a plane and mid flight we have to jump out the only issue is we were on a commercial flight to Arizona

Jack and Jill went up the hill to start to build the still for Jill, Jack stopped and said to drunkin’ Jill to build this still will take so long, Jill said to Jack well F—k the still and kiss my ass, and watch me take another pill.