Bird Jokes

What's the difference between Bird flu and swine flu? -- For one you get tweetment, for the other you get oinkment.

A teacher asks a boy in her class "If 3 birds are sitting on a fence, and one is shot, how many are left?" The boy responds with "None." The teacher asks why. "They would all fly away after hearing the gunshot." The teacher says, "The answer is 2, but I like the way you think. Later, the boy asks the teacher "3 women walk out of an ice cream shop. One is eating with a spoon, one is licking it, and one is sucking it. Which one is married?" The teacher says "The one sucking it." The boy says "No, the one wearing the ring, but I like the way you think."


Bro yesterday this bird made the weirdest chirp. It sounded something like this: *error code 6, 4, 4, 2, sound: bird call, failed to play, government drone 0, 7, 7, 5 requires maintenance* Anyone know what bird that is?

If a bird flies, and a duck can also run and fly, while a cat walks, why do we drink water?

A flock of swallows were migrating south as a jet flew past them. "Why was that one flying so fast?" asked one. Another answers "Can't you see his tail is burning?"

The bird was trying to cross the road because there was a church but instead the birds chirp chirp chirp let's go to church

What's the difference between a chicken and me? None, they both don't watch right and left before crossing the road.