Bucket Jokes


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How do you fit a hundred babies into a small bucket?

With a blender

I like dark humor

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What did the titanic say as it was sinking I nominate all the passengers to the ice bucket challenge

Yo mama


Yo mama was so fat that when she stepped on the scale the scale said: OOOWWWWW!!!! Get of me you overweight bucket of lard.

Donkey Laugh

jack and jill went up the hill to get a bucket of water jack slipped his condom ripped and now they have a daughter


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Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a bucket of water, Jack fell down his cock was out and Jill gained a daughter


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Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a bucket of water. WHERE DO THEY REALLY GO BECAUSE WATER CAN NOT BE AT THE TOP OF A HILL!? I honestly think that only people with a physics degree can make nursery rhythms


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what did the titanic say to the people as it went down.

I now nominate you to the ice bucket challenge



Two balls sit inside a bucket. One turned to another and said,’ Hey man, boing, are you sentient too?’ The other one said, “I’m sapient, you are sentient!!” BOINGZINGA!!!?

kermit is dumb

me testing if there is fall damage in real life (falls of of a cliff uses water bucket trick ) dies

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I still remember the last thing my grandfather said before kicking the bucket: "Hey, wanna see how far I can kick this bucket?"



What do you call a white bucket a Pail


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I still remember the last thing gaster said before he kicked the bucket, it was "Hey how far do you think I can kick this bucket?"(sans)


Titanic: And I’m nominating all passengers for the Ice Bucket Challenge!



At baseball practice… Hey John did you bring the bucket of balls? No but I got two right here

Material Grill

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You should should go back into the abortion bucket maybe you'll find half a brain in there.


I asked my nan if she wouldnt mind shitting in a bucket when we went camping, she replied why the fuck would i want to sit in a bucket, so eventually she did and i took the best shit i have ever had



wat did the captin of the titanic do before the titanic sunk .... he nominate everyone for the ice bucket awords


Q. How do you get 50 babies in a bucket??? A. With a blender!!!......... Q.How do you take them out??? A. With Doritos!!!