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What’s the difference between a baby and a bowling ball

U can’t use a pitch fork to get the bowling ball out of the truck



Little Johnny walks in on his grandfather smoking a cigar. “May I smoke a cigar?” Asks Johnny.

The grandpa replies “Well, does your dick touch your asshole?”

Johnny replied “No.” and left the room.

The next day Johnny sees his Grandpa getting into a car.

“Can I drive the car?” Asks Johnny.

“Does your dick touch your asshole?”


The day after that, Granpa sees Johnny about to eat a cookie.

“Johnny, may I have some of your cookie?” Asked the grandpa.

“Does your dick touch your asshole, grandpa?”


“Then go fuck yourself, this is my cookie.”




Little Johnny was walking down an alley and saw a lamp. After he rubbed it a genie came out and said “You have 10 seconds to have one wish”. Little Johny says he wants to pee alcohol. The genie grants his wish. He tells his family and his sister doesn’t believe it. After having a drink she says, “We should have this every night!”. Little Johny gets two cups every night one for him and his sister. He does the same thing for four nights. Eventually he ran out of cups and has one left. He gives on himself and his sister asks, “Wheres my cup?”. little Johny replied, “Your drinking out of the bottle tonight”.



Little Johnny went to school and right before class started, he pulled down his pants and said “Little fishy, little fishy, little fishy.” After that, his teacher told him to put on his pants and go to the office. The principal asked him what he did, so he pulled down his pants and said “Little fishy, little fishy, little fishy.” Then the principal called his mom. The mom got there and took little Johnny home. They got in the car, and his mother asked "Johnny, what did you do this time? So johnny pulled his pants and said “Little fishy, little fishy, little fishy.” Once they got home his dad was off work and heard that johnny was coming home early from school, once again he asked johnny what he did. Johnny pulled down his pants and said “Little fishy, little fishy, little fishy.” After that, his dad was surprised so his dad pulled down his pants and said “Big whale, big whale.”



A teacher was teaching her second-grade class about the government, so for homework that one day, she told her students to ask their parents what the government is. When Little Johnny got home that day, he went up to his dad and ask him what the government was. His dad thought for a while and answered, “Look at it this way: I’m the president, your mom is Congress, your maid is the workforce, you are the people and your baby brother is the future.’’ “I still don’t get it” responded the Little Johnny. “Why don’t you sleep on it then? Maybe you’ll understand it better,” said the dad. “Okay then…good night” said Little Jonny went off to bed. In the middle of the night, Little Johnny was awakened by his baby brother’s crying. He went to his baby brother’s crib and found that his baby brother had taken a crap in his diaper. So Little Johnny went to his parent’s room to get help. When he got to his parent’s bedroom, he looked through the keyhole to check if his parents were asleep. Through the keyhole, he saw his mom loudly snoring, but his dad wasn’t there. So he went to the maid’s room. When he looked through the maid’s room keyhole, he saw his dad having sex with his maid. Little Johnny was surprised, but then he just realized something and thinks aloud, ‘‘OH!! Now I understand the government! The President is screwing the workforce, Congress is fast asleep, nobody cares about the people, and the future is full of s**t!’’


Little Johnny

Little Johnny is watching his mum rubbing cold cream on her face and he asks her “why are you rubbing that stuff on your face mother?” His mother replies “to make myself beautiful Johnny.” A few minutes later she starts rubbing the cream off with a tissue. Johnny says to her “What is the matter? Are you giving up?”



Parents: “OH! honey, we were just wrestling!”

Little Johnny: “OK! I’ll join you!”


U make me barf

Little Johnny went to the doctor to get an infection checked on his penis. As the doctor examined it, he asked," Lil Johnny how did you get an infection on your penis?" Johnny replied, “Well, the damn neighbor Sally’s braces are to sharp.”




Little Jonny tried phone sex but the holes was too small.


uh no

Fred and Mary got married, but can’t afford a honeymoon, so they go back to Fred’s parent’s home for their first night together. In the morning, Johnny, Fred’s little brother, gets up and has his breakfast. As he is going out of the door to go to school, he asks his Mom if Fred and Mary are up yet. She replies, “No”. Johnny asks, “Do you know what I think?” His mom replies, “I don’t want to hear what you think! Just go to school.” Johnny comes home for lunch and asks his mom, “Are Fred and Mary up yet?” She replies, “No.” Johnny says, “Do you know what I think?” His mom replies, “Never mind what you think! Eat your lunch and go back to school.” After school, Johnny comes home and asks again, “Are Fred and Mary up yet?” His mom says “No.” He asks, “Do you know what I think?” His Mom replies, “Ok, do tell me what you think?” He says: “Last night Fred came to my room for the Vaseline and I think I gave him my airplane glue.”


Shitty little johnny jokes

So little Johnny comes home from school knowing damn well he messed up his math test, his mother and father gets home and he tells them " mom I failed my math test" his mother aggressively says “get the belt” Johnny says “why?” His mother says “im gonna spank you for failing” Johnny says “so just like daddy?” His father turns red knowing what they did last night


Sean Simmons

Little johnny’s dad was driving him to school when they came up on a couple in a convertible. It was apparent that they were arguing. You could then see the woman pull out a knife. Seconds later his dad saw a penis land in the windshield. Worried little Johnny will see it he quickly turned on the wipers and brushed it off. *What was that dad?" Asked lil johnny. “oh just a bug.” Said his father. With a confused look on lil Johnny’s face he then says. “That bug sure had a big dick didn’t he?”


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Little Johnny was playing with dick when his teacher walked in the room. She asked him what he was doing, he said Im doing my homework. The teacher saw how big his cock was and asked him to have sex with her. He willingly did so. Little johnny was already 25 so it didn’t matter. The only thing was that he was homeschooled.


Little John


Teacher:what does a pig give you Little Johnny:Bacon Teacher:good,what does the sheep give you Little Johnny:Wool Teacher:What does the fat cow give you Little Johnny:homework and says leave motherfucker




Little Johnny was walking down a dirt country road, and he came upon a old farmer leaning against a fence looking sad shaking his head. He walked up to the the old farmer and asked him what’s wrong. The Old Farmer said, " my mule, he just won’t do nothing, he don’t work any more, always looking sad, barely eat, just sad." Little Johnny said, “can I go talk him?” “Sure, The Old Farmer said, he’s back in the barn.” Little Johnny went back in the barn, seen the mule just sad, and sighing… A few minutes laters, Little Johnny came out and said, “You’re mule fixed.” The Old Farmer ran in, and seen the mule laughing, just rolling, and crying laughing… “Thank you, thank you,” The Old Farmer said, and Little Johnny was on his way… Well, a few days later, Little Johnny was walking down the same old dirt road, and came upon The Old Farmer again, looking sad… “What’s the matter?” Little Johnny asked… “It’s my mule again, ever since you talked him he won’t do nothing, he won’t work, just laughing all day, what did you say?” “Can I go in and talk to him again?” Little Johnny asked. “Sure,” said The Old Farmer, “he’s back in the barn.” Little Johnny went in the barn and a few minutes later came back out. “Your mule fixed sir.” The Old Farmer went in seen the mule ‘Crying’ crying really hard. The Old Farmer came running out of the barn, “Hey boy! What did you say to my mule, one day he’s sad, then laughing, now he’s crying, just what did you say to my mule?” Little Johnny smiled and answered, “We’ll the first time I told him my dick was bigger than his, this time I showed it to him”



little johnny was late to class the teacher ask him where was he little johnny said i was on top of marry hill the a kid comes late to class and also said he was on marry hill then a little girl thats about 4 or 5 comes in the teacher ask who are you she said IM MARRY HILL


Handjob for ten dollars

Little johnny is a trucker, he stops at a bar. johnny sees a sign that says hamburgers for two dollers, cheeseburger for three dollars, handjob for ten dollars. he walks up to the bartender and whispers to her, “are you the one that gives the handjobs for ten dollars?” she replies “yes, thats me” johnny says “well can you wash your hands because i want a cheeseburger”



So In Prep class, The students were asked to write a letter to their grandparents for grandparents day. Little Johnny’s friend Little Sally write things like “thankyou” and “You are so nice!” And Little Johnny goes, “What are you doing you got it wrong!” So sally says, “What do you mean, it’s a letter.” Little Johnny says, “Why did you do it like that? Just write a letter from the alphabet like the Teacher said!” Then he says, “I wrote a J to remind them of me!”



Teacher makes 1 kid recite the abcs and the other count to 10. Teacher: you can kill 2 birds with1 stone. Little Johnny goes home and throws a rock at two birds. One dies. He gives his dad a concussion from the rock hitting his head. Johnny at school: you can kill a bird and give a man a concusssion.


Little Jonny just came back from quarantine with his girlfriend Sally. They both said they had to go to the bathroom. When they came back Sally was coughing up a storm. The teacher said you need to be quarantined again. No sally said I was just in the bathroom choking on something that grown-ups especially women like. Then the teacher faints.