Johnny and Jill went up the hill to lick Jill’s yummy candy 😛 But Johnny got a SHOCK With a mouthful of COCK Because Jill’s REAL NAME?

was randy. 👹


blowing clouds

little johnny’s mom got a call from school saying to come over, as she dose she is met by the principal. they go into his office and the principal say “your son is going to be suspended for a week for blowing clouds in the bathroom.” the mother responds “he is fifteen, how is he blowing clouds already? bring him in here.” a boy walks in and johnnys mother says “this isnt my son, bring him in here i would like a word with him.” the principal replies “ma’am, this is clouds.” the mother feints

Little John


Your losing all your friends but never any calories.


Little Johnny ran into the kitchen and asked his mother "Mom can little girls have babies " his mom answered “of course not” a few minutes later his mom heard him shout to his friend "it’s okay we can keep playing


Little Johnny was sitting in class, and he was behind a girl called Sally. The teacher asks the class, “Who created the Earth?” And Little Johnny pokes Sally in the back with his sharpened pencil, and she jumps and says, “MY GOD!” And the teacher says, “Yes, Sally, God did create the Earth.” Sally sits down. Then, the teacher asks, “Where do you go after you live a good life?” and Little Johnny pokes Sally again, and she jumps up and says, “HEAVENS TO BETSY!” And the teacher says, “Yes Sally. You will go to heaven after you live a good life.” Sally sits down, knowing full well Little Johnny was poking her. Sally gave Little Johnny an angry glare, and she turns around. And then, the teacher asks the class, “What did Eve say to Adam after their 77th child?” and Little Johnny pokes Sally HARDER this time in the back, and Sally jumps, turns around, and says, “If you stick that thing in me one more time, I swear I’m gonna lose it!” And the teacher faints.


One day little Jonny needs to use the bathroom. His mom is in there so he went in to use it and asked his mom what is that between your legs. His mom told him that is her bush. Then the next day the same thing happened but with his dad. He asked his dad what is that between his legs. He said my snake. The same thing happened one more time except with his grandmother. Little Jonny asked grandma what is on her chest. She said my headlights. One night little Jonny caught his parents doing something naughty. Then he said grandmaw grand maw turn on your head lights daddy snake is trying to get into mommy’s bush.


Little Johnny beings his cat to school and then the teacher asked him why. Little Johnny says “because I heard my dad tell my mom I’m going to eat that pussy up when the kids leave”.



Little Johnny was not paying attention in class so the teacher told him do you know what happens when you don’t pay attention. Little Johnny said no what. She answered, the principals office. Then little Jhonny said hey teach do you know what it means when you have balls on your chin? The teacher answered, no what. You have a D!ck in your mouth.



Johnny Eats a lot of ham so he catches lots of spam



teacher: Ok class good morning we are going to start off by what kind of sound animals make. Teacher : ok what sound dose a pig make Class: a cow says mo mo teacher: good Teacher: what dose a sheep make? Class: A sheep say’s maa maaa Teacher: Good ! now what dose a pig say little johnny:A pig says put your hands up and get agenst the wall you black mother fucke*



Little Johnny is walking in the hallway and goes in his brothers room and catches him watching something so he asks “what you watching” his brother replies “ nothing “ and drops his phone but the he gets a text from his teacher texted him a picture of her naked saying “ after school come fuck me “ so Johnny looks and says “ ew I’m telling mom” and he ran with his brothers phone and showed his mom and his mom said “ok johnny I’ll take care of you brother “ and she told him to leave and he did and his brother ran in his moms room naked and his mom said “oh that’s big how about you do what your teacher told you to do to her to me” and a few hours later Johnny heard weird noises coming from the room so he walked in and saw them (his brother and mom) having sex so he closed the door and walked away


Caitlyn Cherry

Lil Johnny looked in his pants and couldn’t find his fish so he started to yell out lil fishy lil fishy lil fishy they called child support and sent the parents to jail for putting a fish up a child’s butt


Lil johnny

Lil Johnny’s teacher wanted to play a alphabet game so she said what word starts with a lil johnny raised he hand fast but she know that he I would say ass so she picked on Sally and she said Apple and she said what word starts with b little johnny raised his hand as fast as he could but she knew that he would say something like bitch so she picked on Emmanuel and Emmanuel said banana so she went all the way to w Little Johnny raises hand as fast as he could again and the teacher thought of a cuss word that could start with the letter w she could not think of a cuss word that could start with w so she called on Little Johnny Little Johnny said wow the teacher said good job then Little Johnny said like wow too elephants fucking



mom, mom I’m holding my little brother’s hand … little Johnny good! but he’s not bien yet



Little Johnny brought a baseball bat to school. The teacher asked why he had one. He said “I need it to beat up the principal” when the principal found out what Little Johnny had said, well let’s just say Little Johnny didn’t need no baseball bat to kill him.