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What happens when a clock is hungry It goes back four seconds.

When we were visiting the hoover dam. I started to get a bit hungry. I asked my parents, “Wheres the dam snack bar?”

Two horses are standing in a field. “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse,” says the first.

“Moo!” says the second.

When Stephen Hawking was feeling hungry, he used to call in to his local PC World for a Megabyte and some micro chips.

[son] said hi dad im hungry [dad] hi hungry im dad [son] PIE PIE PIE !!!

There are 50 dogs and 48 cats. How many are hungry?


Why will we never get hungry in the desert

We have lots of sand which’s

What does a clock do when he’s still hungry?

He goes back “four” seconds!

What did the hungry Dalmation say when he had some kibble?

That hit the spot!

3 men where in a desert 1 man was holding a jug the 2nd was holding a paper bag and the last was holding a car door a man came around and asked the 1st why he had a jug he said it was his water and if he got thirsty he would take a drink. Then he asked the second why do you have a paper bag the guy said this is my packed lunch so if I get hungry I will eat my lunch. Then he asked the last man why he has a car door and he said it he got hot he would roll down the window.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To escape the hungry n..... chasing after him.

Stephen Hawking + Computer = SMART! Stephen Hawking + Shoulder = HUNGRY!

My dog was hungry, so I let him loose outside while I filled his bowl. I found out later that he was run over by a truck. It seemed to really hit the Spot

Your at a buffet, you think your hungry for two, but misfortune happens when you think of your self, you get stuck looking at sides in the buffet, a roly poly gal you see in corner of your eye, eyeballing the main dishes in front at the end, you go in for the pickings, you get intercepted by a far more hungrier matter, but you find yourself getting slamed over the buffet table, and realize you are gasping for air, and she’s is tenderizing you for dinner.

whydid the skeleton eat tacos?

because he was hungry.

why did 1 eat 2 cuz he was hungry

Child: I am hungry Dad: Hi hungry I dad!!! Child: * groans* walks away

Why did your friend eat the burger?

Because he wanted to murder all burgers and was starting with this one!

Not really. He was just hungry.

Kid: I’m hungry Dad Bot: hi hungry, I’m dad Teenager: I’m t l e r did nothing wrong Dad Bot: hi t l e r did nothing wrong, I’m dad Nazi: finally

Ever wonder why pandas are endangered? Well, China’s overcrowded, and therefore they’re starving. They have to eat…

Panda: “My god. They’re coming! Run! They’re hungry! Run! Roll down the hill!”

Chinese People At Bottom Of Mountain With Spears: “Ching chong wing bong KABOB!!!”

Hey dad, i’m hungry! Hi hungry i’m dad. Why did you name me this way, why why wy

Hungry: dad I’m hungry dad: hi hungry hungry: why did you name me like this:/

why is the disease lung cancer never hungry, Because its eating on your lungs