What happens when a clock is hungry It goes back four seconds.

When we were visiting the hoover dam. I started to get a bit hungry. I asked my parents, “Wheres the dam snack bar?”

why is he moon always hungry? It is almost never full

What’s the difference between hungry and horny?

Where you put the cucumber 🥒

Two horses are standing in a field. “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse,” says the first.

“Moo!” says the second.

When Stephen Hawking was feeling hungry, he used to call in to his local PC World for a Megabyte and some micro chips.

What did 50 do when he was hungry?


[son] said hi dad im hungry [dad] hi hungry im dad [son] PIE PIE PIE !!!

Why wasn’t the moon 🌕 hungry?

Because it was full!

What does a clock do when he’s still hungry?

He goes back “four” seconds!

A poster for the winter relief fund reads: "No one should be allowed to go hungry or suffer from the cold." A worker says to his friend, “now were not even allowed to do that.”

Why will we never get hungry in the desert

We have lots of sand which’s

hey modda, I’m hungry

2 drunk men spot a pig on some old farmers land.And they were real hungry (or so they said) and they both decided to take the pig with them into their car and eat it somewhere.And so they did and the farmer came out with a gun while they hurriedly drove off, and the farmer said “well goddammit if it was a pig they wanted why didn’t they just take my wife”.

What do you get when you are hungry? A dog to eat

Stephen Hawking + Computer = SMART! Stephen Hawking + Shoulder = HUNGRY!

There are 50 dogs and 48 cats. How many are hungry?


My dog was hungry, so I let him loose outside while I filled his bowl. I found out later that he was run over by a truck. It seemed to really hit the Spot

So my son came up to me and said ‘ hey dad I’m hungry ‘ so I replied “hi hungry I’m dad “

And then I feed him my dick