Do you know where Hellen Keller lives? Neither does she

Everyone gangster till Helen Keller hits a 3 on you.

What did Hellen Keller do when she fell in a hole.

She screamed until her hands got tired.

why were helen kellers hands crippled? From reading stop signs at fifty miles per hour

why cant Helen Keller drive. Because she’s a women no seriosly why can’t she drive. Because she’s dead.

How do you punish Helen keler just move the couch

Why doesn’t Hellen Kellers kid have ears? She gave it it’s first hair cut!

Why is Hellen. Kellers snatch alway sore? She wipes with a brillo pad.

Why is Helen Kellers child blind too? She always fed it with a fork!

Why doesn’t Hellen Kellers boyfriend like having sex with her? Cause she just lies there lime she’s dead.

How does Hellen Keller smell. Pretty bad she’s dead!

Why does Hellen Keller look in the toilet after taking a poop? Nobody knows!

Why does Hellen Keller loom in the toilet after taking a poop? Nobody knows!


why did helen keller wear skin tight pants?

so you could read her lips

What was Helen Keller’s favorite color? Velcro

Q: why cant helen keller drive? A: because shes a woman

Why did Helen Keller burn her hands? Because she was trying to read the waffle iron.

Helen Keller walked into a bar. And a table. And chairs.

Why did Helen Keller ride a broken roller coaster?

She didn’t see anything wrong with it