i hate it when ever i bring a girl over my parents don’t care but when i bring one of my friends thats a boy there like KeEp ThE DoOr OpEn and im gay

What did the girl say to the man with a moustache? I moustache you a question

Hey girl are you osteoporosis, because your giving me a “Bone” condition

How can you tell if an ant is a boy or a girl?

If it sinks it’s a girl. If it floats, it’s boy-ant (buoyant).

My girl friend is like toys r us. She does no exist .

Why did God create gay men? So fat girls could dance

guy: Say “I’m a man” every time I stop. person: guy: you walk into a bar. person: I’m a man guy:you meet a girl person: I’m a man guy:you and the girl go to a hotel
person: I’m a man guy:you guys go on a bed person: I’m a man. guy:she whispers into your ear person:I’m a man

When I was born the doctors said , “it’s a boy!” Then when they went to cut the embilical cord, they cut the wrong thing. Then they said , “OH, It’s a girl.”

So i was eating this girl out the other day and I GOT AIDS HOW DOES A 9 YEAR OLD GIVE ME AIDS i guess my sister was hanging around the the wrong crowd

A programmer pushes a stroller through the park. An elderly couple comes along: “Is it a boy or a girl?” The programmer replies, “Yes.”

Why did the girl quit her job at the donut factory? – She was fed up with the hole business.

My friends and I were talking about this really ugly girl at our school. For some reason, she had the same name as me.

What do you call a convict in prison for touching little girls? A boy named brandon

What do you call girl skeleton dancing… A bone et

Why did the little girl flush her self down the toilet ?? …<<<(((she wanted to join the Brownies)))>>>…

Girls are like rocks, the flat ones get skipped

I like my girls like I like my wine. 12 years old and locked in my basement.

What’s the difference between a masquito and a blonde girl.

One stops sucking when you smack it.

whats the difference between the twin towers and an ugly girl. the twin towers at least got fucked.

There was (1) girl. She met (+5000) guys. She had sex with each of them (x7). She became… - flip screen (=).