Social media after banning Trump from every platform: “Haha he’s so embarassed that he doesn’t speak anymore…what an idiot”

Unknown be like: Wah wah I'm too scared to talk to girls in real life so I bully random tweens I find online to make me feel better...what a shame.

He's got a massive f*cking cock, Ayew, Ayew He tucks it in his football sock Ayew, Ayew Shagged a bird and now she's dead Swung his cock around her head Jordan Ayew Palace number nine 🦅🔴🔵

A day in the life of a Biden voter.

$2000 stimulus check? Nah, $1400..some day. No more kids in cages? Nah, more kids in cages. $15 minimum wage? Nah, $11. Maybe. 50k loan forgiveness? Nah. Lol No more deportations? Nah, they're still leaving. Women's rights? Nah, dudes in women's sports. New COVID bill? Nah, mostly bailouts and pet projects. Cheap insulin? Nah, jack those prices up. Defeat fascism? Nah, barbed wire fences around DC.


Why can't Tottenham open a restaurant? Because they have no silverware


He only won the election because of rigging 82 milion votes my ass Ask me for proof