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Man, chocking on sugar seems like the sweetest way to die

My friend gave me sugar for my birthday, she thought it was cheap I thought it was pretty sweet

Why did the plum put sugar under its pillow?

So it could have sweet dreams.

Johnny Johnny? Yes pa pa Eating Sugar? Yes pa pa, I am eating sugar because it is the only thing i can reach and you have refused to feed me for the past 3 days. You smoke 2 packs of cigs a day and you’re mad at me for eating a little sugar. Smoking? Telling lies? Yes pa pa, you do all of those things because you’re a chronic addict.

Sugar Honey Ice Tea


What do you say to your partner with diabetes?

Hey sugar!

What do you call a guy with a bald head and loves to eat biscuits, raisins and caster sugar? - Gary Baldy (Garibaldi)