I can hear the whole world booing me

bippidy boppidy boo Bill Cosby is coming for you

Bippity Boppity Boo Donald Trump is gonna deport you

I made a AR that shoots boo boo bullets. It does poison time 10x damage. You have a very go chance of getting STD. Very good AR. Going for 100,000. Email: EatandDrinkbouls@gmail.com

Bippity Bobbity Boo, Boo Radley is coming for you

my name is Caleb and I like boo and eat it

me: nok nok teacher: who is there Me: boo Teacher : boo who Me: stop being a crybaby and open the door! Teacher:… Me: aw man detention again.

BU is the element of a surprise. Boo!

Pete: Knock Knock… Paul: Who’s there? Pete: Boo… Paul: Boo who? Pete: Don’t cry it was only a joke! Paul: I’m going to cry! It was such a bad joke!!!

why did the red sox lose

they say boo colorado rockies .

there is a ghost baseball game and one team loses cause of one player so they start boo-ing him!

I pooped in a bottle and stuck my finger through it. I took some of the boo boo out licked it and and rubbed it on a wall making a BOO BOO portal. I jumped into it and i saw BOO BOO LAND. I rolled all in the chunk poop and drank the diarrhea.

What did the boy goat say to his girlfriend? You’re my boo.

Q: Knock Knock ? Who’s there? A: boo A: boo who


Knock knock who dare Boo boo who don’t cry in front of me or else I’ll cry

I like my boo like I like my packages straight out of the box

knock knock whos ther boo boo who dont cri its just a joke

Knock knock … boo … no need to cry it was only a joke … yeh I can’t think of anything