how do u properly eat a vegetable you tip over the wheel chair

“Jonny jonny” “yes papa” “eating sugar” no papa” “OPEN UR MOUTH!!” Shoves hand down throat-

How do you get a cow to eat? give it mooshroom!

Who eat sleeping? A robot.

Why did the clock eat so fast?

He wanted to go in for SECONDS! Super bad Huh?

Imagine this…ur a lesbian and ur doing it with your cannibal girlfriend. You say “eat me baby”

She pulls out a knife and fork

whats the difference between boogers and brocley. kids wont eat the brocley.

whats tha difference between boogers and brocley . kids wont eat the brocley.

Why don’t cannibals eat clowns? They taste funny.

Your legs are just like oreos! I wanna split the ends and eat whats in between.

What do you call a Lesbian Dinosaur? A Eat-a-lot-of-pus

I had a dog with an eating disorder. He wouldn’t eat any of my homework.

Why did the adpaded kid eat the last cookie because he was the only one left to adopt everyone hated him

How do you get rid of butterflies in your stomach ?

Stop eating caterpillars

Why did every one suggest that the cheetah eat all the pumpkins?

Because he cheated at everything

orphans will eat toes for food

lol 1 week anniversary of me being on Worst Jokes Ever…


A Joking keggar is where i get you drunk with some jokes, only on a special occasion.

Ok, yall ready to get drunk with raging jokes? OK LETS GOOOOo

What do you call an LGBTQ+ disc jockey?

A DG (dee gay)

What does lava use when it can’t walk properly?

A volCANEo

What do crackheads do when a black man got brutalitized?

They start a HIGHot (say it like hiot riot)

What is Satan’s favorite DJ?


What do neck breakers use?


What did Twitter and Reddit eat with chocolate and marshmellows?

Instagraham crackers

Is this the last joke?


What is similar between a dog and my ex?

They are both commonly known as bitches

What number has a flu from a pig?

Nine flu (swine flu)

What did the loaf say when he was playing hide and seek?


Who is the best anime girl?

Well its pretty obvious 02 is on the second rank

Why did Sally get caned?

Because old men hurriCANED.

That was all


Yes, it was (Come back on Halloween for another Joking Keggar)

A “type person” is addicted to eating sugar

When the doctor saw this, he said

“From Type 2 Diabetes”

Get it?

A brain eats cheddar cheese

What’s The Difference Between Boogers And Broccoli? Kids Won’t Eat The Broccoli.