Why didn’t the moon eat dinner?

Because it was full! 🌕

Friend 1. whats your favorite drink or food Friend 2. pizza Friend 3. Donuts Friend 4. i don’t eat food but i do drink bleach Friend 1. (calling the suicide hotline) Friend 2. (Calling the parents)

Why cant Chinese play baseball? Because they eat the bats

One day 2 Chinese with broken English go to America. When they arrive they go to a small place to eat. When they look at the menu they see “hot dog” but since there English is bad, they think its literally a roasted dog and order it. When it comes back there both surprised and one of them ask "What part of the dog did you get."

today I told my Sis knock knock and she said who’s there and I said I Eat eat my mop and she said I eat mop poo instead of who

Why do feminists eat so much pussy? to get the taste of dick out of their mouths does it cycle now you stupid bitches

Why was I stress eating on the train track?

To wait to get hit.

Famous last words: I COULD EAT THIS IN ONE BITE!

What did the snowman ⛄️ eat after dinner?

Ice cream 🍨.

Why can’t blind people have a sea food diet?

They have to see the food to eat

Why does the paper follow up with wine because it was junk do wrong so wrong that you don’t even exist because nobody even eat it ha ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Haha ha ha Haha ha haha ha ha Ha Hah Hah Hah Ha👺🤮🤢🤢🤢🤔🤭😥🥵🥶😡😤🤬🤬

when do astronauts eat? At launch time.

Dear Hearing People. We, deaf people, ain’t dead. We can use our hands to talk, eat & fist your face to give you some 💡 awareness that we can understand you 💯 meanwhile we laugh at you 🤡 We Can even dance via vibration through music. Do you know the song W lyric like this 👇 *white b… accent: Ohhh… MY God BECKY… L👀k at her butt. IT is SO BIG. BIG BEAT DROP I…LIKE…BIG…BUTT…I cannot LIE 👻 I promise we ain’t ghosting around - Brittany Rose

Whats the hardest part of a vegetable to eat?

The wheelchair

What is the difference between a physically handicapped heterosexual man and a heterosexual man that is not physically handicapped? a heterosexual man that is not physically handicapped will also eat pussy but a heterosexual man that is not physically handicapped will not allow a gay guy to suck his dick

Why don’t feminists like to eat hotdogs? because they remind them of men’s dicks

Why doesn’t a teddy bear eat? Because it is already stuffed

knock,knock who’s there yull. yull who _yull be sorry if you eat all the fruitcake

What do astronauts 👩‍🚀 do when they’re on break?

They eat launch. 🚀🥪

what’s the hardest thing to eat on a vegetable? the wheelchair