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Why shouldn’t you tell a secret in a corn field? Because they are full of ears! Now that was a corny joke. And yes, it was rather a-maize-ing

I guess that corn is a-maize-ing

How much does a pirate pay for corn?

A buccaneer!

why could’nt the man get out of the maize maze?

he got corn-ered

wanna hear a joke about corn

Nevermind it’s too corny

I just stepped on a corn flake. Im officially a cearel killer.

Why can’t you tell a joke in a corn maze

because theres too many ears

Corn and corn WHERE IS POPCORN!?!?!

I’d make a joke about corn, but its to corny. Then again, i could make a joke about eyes, but that would be even cornea. my funny bone is broken, i guess it was because those jokes where to HUMERUS.

4 cows went to the county fair. They saw a sign that said that next year animals can enter a singing contest. They decided that they would enter next year. So they called their group the 4 Cs Quartet since their names were Clementine, Candy, Cookie, and Columbine. They discovered how they could win. After a discussion they decided to eat as much corn as possible, so they would sing in perfect 4 part hominy.

What happens when you see corn looking at you in your window? A corn stalk!!

let me tell you a story there once was a bro who constantly choked on chodes he didnt want his bros to ever know that he constantly choked on chodes he lived in a dorm and all day he watched p... but still he would suck on some corn one day he would go to go choke on some tasty chode but his bros found out gave him a shout and kicked him out yeling that he broke the bro code