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A blind comedian was asked to do stand up for a hospital. No one laughed at his jokes, so he continued to sing, “If you’re happy and you know it…”

The room was full of arm amputees.

Who goes to a comedian show and get’s offended

A feminist

What did a comedian say at a show full of people with down syndrome? What’s up.

What did the comedian say when he walked into a bank?

This is a stand-up.

A very rich and famous comedian walked in to a Russian bar and asked for a vodka, but the bar man (a big fan of his) answered to him:

  • This vodka isn’t good enough for you.
  • If it is good enough for you it is gudonov for me!

Some of the best comedians mimic people. I mimic my shadow.

im a cripple thats a stand up comedian.

They used to laugh when I said I wanted to be a comedian. – Well they’re not laughing now!

  • I think you´re EGGcellent.
  • Wow… You really CRACK ME UP with that joke. I think you`re a EGGxtraordinary comedian.
  • Really? Are you done yet?.
  • Are you kidding? a have a DOZEN of them.

What did a comedian say at a show full of blind people? What’s up.

How u know if a comedian is high. Comedian: Why did the wings cross the road? To get to chicken.

a blind comedian walks into a room or did he dun dun dun