What do you get when you eat a hamburger 🍔😋? Mustard gas.

So a guy named Nathaniel just came home, and when he enters his sister’s room, he sees her f***ing a piece of broccoli. And Nathaniel says, “Abbie, what’s wrong with you? I was going to eat that later, and now it smells like broccoli!”

Why do lions 🦁 go to SUBWAY 🥪?

Because they like to EAT FLESH.

Why do French like to eat snails so much?

They can’t stand fast food.

What does a dyslexic zombie eat? Brian’s hahahahaha

So i was eating this girl out the other day and I GOT AIDS HOW DOES A 9 YEAR OLD GIVE ME AIDS i guess my sister was hanging around the the wrong crowd

What’s worse than eating 5 raw oysters out of your grandmother’s vagina?

Realizing you only put in 4.

Wanna hear something bad? A pile of dead babies. Wanna hear something worse? The one at the bottom is still alive. Wanna hear something worse than that? He has to eat his way out. Wanna hear something that’s the worst? He comes back for seconds.

What do gay horses eat?


Why wont cannibals eat divorced women?

Just to Bitter.

There once was a man from Peru.who dreamed he was eating his shoe. He woke up at night ,with a terrible fright,to find out his dream had come true.

What is the difference between eating a baby and a doughnut

Babies are healthier

So I thought about trying to eat a clock one day. After about 13 tries, I realised this was very time consuming

How do you eat a cake?

With a fork!

How do you know if someone is anorexic? You toss them a onion ring and see if they eat it, or use it as a hula hoop.

Why did the students eat their homework 📚?

Because the teacher said it would be a piece of cake. 🎂😂

Hey watch me eat this African sandwich. Takes huge bite of air.

Q, Why did the elephant paint his toenails red? A, To hide up cherry trees. Q, What’s the loudest noise in the jungle? A, Giraffes eating cherries.

What do sprinters eat before a race? – Nothing, they fast.

What’s big, red, and eats rocks?

A big, red, rock eater