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Did you hear about the fortune telling dwarf that escaped from prison?

Reports say there’s a small medium at large!


When a miget smokes weed do they get high or medium

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when dwarfs get high do they just get medium?


What do you call a psychic midget in trouble with the law?

A small medium at large.

Frickn hell im such a fat ass -_-
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why do dwarfs hate Fast food Restaurants? Cause most of them have Medium and large

Ya Boi Skinny P....

When midgets smoke weed do they get high or do they get medium

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A tiny psychic escaped from jail and the news said there a small medium at large.


What do you call a psychic dwarf on the run? A small medium at large

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How do emo’s like their meat cooked medium rawr

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Did you hear about the four foot tall psychic who escaped prison? He’s a small medium at large.

sandpaper treadmill

run on a sandpaper floor-treadmill hybrid in a medium sized room for 24 hours it will be fun

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If there was a quiz on midgets here’s the Midget quiz and the questions that would be on it:

  1. When midgets get High on any drug, do they get high or medium?
  2. Do midgets come out the closet or the cabinet
  3. Are Midgets related to snow whites 7 Dwarfs?
  4. Is a midget just a human without the mushroom in Mario?
  5. Was this funny?
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What do you call a short fortune-teller that escaped from jail?

A Small Medium at Large.


i like mangoes

N....Mann AWAYYY
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Did you hear on the news that a midget psychic broke out of jail? There is a small medium at large. (Pause For Laughter)

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these are all of my terrible jokes

Two antennas met on a roof, they fell in love and got married. The ceremony was alright but the reception was amazing A jumper cable walks into a bar and the bartender said "I’ll serve you but don’t start anything A dyslexic man walks into a bra Two cannibals are eating a clown, one says "does this taste funny to you, I’m joking of course" Dejamoo: the feeling that you’ve heard this bull before A man woke up in a hospital after a serious accident and said to the doctor “I can’t feel my legs” the doctor said " I know, I AMPUTATED YOUR ARMS" I went to seafood disco last week, I pulled a muscle What do you call a fish with no eyes, a fsh Two fish swim into a concrete wall, one says "dam" A mystic dwarf escapes from a jail, the call went out of a "small medium at large" A man walks into a bar with solid tar under his arm, he says "a beer please,and one for the road" Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom? The p is silent YO MAMA SO FAT THAT she should be worried, diabetes is a serious problem What do you call a black man on the moon? An astronaut, duh A priest a rabbi and a cleric walk into a bar, the cleric, due to his religious constructions, does not drink alcohol. The others do the same, they have a pleasant fun and nothing bad happens. What’s red and smells like blue paint? Red paint. I remember the last words my grandad said before he kicked the bucket, how far do you think I can kick this bucket A man walks into a bar, his alcohol independence is pulling this family apart I like my coffee like my women, on sometimes with a penis A man is working at a bar, a money comes in and orders a banana martini. The man wakes up and tells his story to his wife, he is ignored and he turns around sobbing. His marriage is falling apart Why didn’t Jesus play hockey? Soccer and baseball are more popular in Mexico What’s green and has wheels? Grass, the wheels WERE A LIE. What do a duck and a bicycle have in common? They both have wheels except the duck Why couldn’t the dinosaur break the wall, I don’t know. I’m asking you Why did the old woman put rainbow roller skates on her walker, she has dementia There are an owl and a squirrel watching a farmer go by, they owl turns to the squirrel and says nothing. It’s an owl it can’t talk. The owl then eats the squirrel because the owl is a bird of prey

John Doe

What do you call a psychic midget who has escaped from prison? A small medium at large!

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What do you call a Dwarf with ESP that escaped a prison?A Small Medium at Large


A car alarm went to the store.

Cashier: Hello


Cashier: THat will be 10 Dollars sir


If a midget does meth does he get high or get medium